Kickass and rules to live by

Kickass, the doorstop dog, worked with the keeper in formulating the following rules to live by:

         *Being a billionaire is immoral: turn yourself in.

         *Millionaires require permits to be issued by the homeless and the hungry.

         *Those running for POTUS on the Repub ticket need to join the scarecrow and Judy on the way to Oz.

         *Conservative members of the SCOTUS need to be photographed in their underwear to show their brands, tattoos and GPS directions for going backwards.

         *Women who thought they were in charge of their own bodies need to line up at the men’s clubs, with clubs, not golfclubs but clubs like those once used to keep order in the caves.

         *Those who think there is hope for fumigating sheer stupidity and money out of politics are to gather on The Mall. Bring a bottle to pass.

         *Mark Sunday July 2, 2023 as yet another day to appreciate being on board the wobbling planet.

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