Kickass and santa assignments

Kickass, the doorstop dog, indulges the keeper on this pre-Christmas day as he–the keeper, speculates on just what crazy assignment the late State Journal city editor Glenn Miller might have hatched up were holiday things in place as they were back in Madison in the 1960’s.

Once Glenn locked onto a feature story scheme it was there to stay, and the only way the keeper was able to escape its machinations was to quit his job and move to another newspaper.

During the Miller-hatched Christmas features, the keeper—usually wearing a Santa suit, posed as a lost Santa, a hitchhiking Santa, a department store Santa and a window peeking Santa that incidentally generated police involvement, and much more.

The keeper must admit, that while he was sometimes doubtful about his Santa story escapades, there was a fun element involved and, of course, if such things were possible he would happily approach the old city desk this very day and inquire of Glenn what he had in mind for this year’s Christmas feature.

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