Kickass and Satchel Paige in Cincinnati

Kickass, the doorstop dog, offers no apology on the keeper’s behalf for his totally predictable behavior on MLB’s All-Star game day when he will dust off the memories of one such day in 1953 as he and an Army buddy were taken in by an RKO Movie news film crew and were down on Cincinnati’s Crosley Field as the stars warmed up and then later watched the game from the stadium roof.

Pre game activities included an autograph session involving Satchel Paige, and the keeper is no longer put out when he tells the story and listeners say, “Who was Satchel Paige?”

As shocked as the keeper was some time ago to stumble onto an internet video of the 1953 game that included that autograph session, it pales in comparison to his incredulity that it happened 65 years ago!  (Google “1953 All-Star game” and the video comes up.)



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