Kickass and school buses

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper every morning in watching the school buses make their neighborhood rounds, and, of course he—the keeper, remembers Nevin Swant who drove the Barron High School bus to pick up the farm kids north-west of town.  Being one of those kids, the keeper can still see the bus door opening and Nevin sitting behind the steering wheel nodding a friendly smile.

The bus was red, white and blue, to promote patriotism apparently.  The universal school-bus yellow came later, perhaps encouraged by an incident up north in which a hunter shot at a school bus when he apparently mistook a flash of school-bus white for a deer’s tail.

That hunter sounds as potentially dangerous as Betsy Devos and her crew as they seek to turn public schools over to the money counters, obviously like those running the for-profit prisons.

Public schools—and their yellow buses, represent something good about society, and the threat they are currently under ranks right up there with all the other current political absurdities.

Maybe it’s time to repaint the school buses—green, to represent money and greed.  Or maybe orange to curry favor with….oh, never mind!


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