Kickass and Secret clearance

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has a “Secret” security clearance from back in his Army days when he was sent to the Army NCO Intelligence School in Ft. Riley to learn, among a few other things, that close contour lines on a map indicates a damn steep hill, information that might have been helpful during a previous Korean tour along the 38th Parallel.  (The Army has been known to get things backwards.)

So to the best of his knowledge, the keepers “Secret” clearance has never been cancelled, and while that has not been troublesome up to this point, it now bothers the hell out of him, and he is requesting the immediate cancellation of that clearance so he can sign on to Brennan’s law suit against the “truth is not the truth” gang in the WH.

The keeper does not think he ever handled any “secret” information, unless you count the time he broke up a craps game at the NCO club just before the MPs arrived.

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