Kickass and secret info

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is assisting the keeper in clearing up the matter of possibly having classified documents in his files.

At some point during his three-year Army stint in Infantry intelligence units, 70 or so years ago, the Army deemed it necessary to clear him to handle “secret” material.

The keeper does not recall ever seeing anything marked secret, but given the current hoopla over the subject, he went to his musty files and found a photo that he took of enemy territory from an observation post that his I & R squad was manning, and then there were some “Safe Conduct Passes” to be used when surrendering to the North Koreans.  There was also a packet of letters the keeper had written from Korea to his mother and which she had faithfully saved; and which obviously should be classified “Top Secret” for their embarrassing disclosure of the keeper’s 20-year-old innocence marinating in reality.

The keeper would notify the Justice Department to come and pick up the material, but Phyllis thinks that won’t be necessary, and that it can all be taken care of “in-house.”

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