Kickass and shortest day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the shortest day of the year produced for the keeper, the longest appreciation for being around to be a part of it–in a warm, safe place in the company of his love, Phyllis.

In the interests of science, the keeper will be continuing his cutting-edge research on the extent to which hibernation is not only possible buy greatly beneficial to the human species.

As part of his research, he will be pushing to have Ground Hogs Day reprogrammed to become Ron Johnson Day during which seeing a shadow will mean six more years of unbelievable stupid minority representation, indicating that much of Wisconsin was obviously in hibernation during the last election.

The keeper herein vows to stay away from politics as it tends to degrade the quality of hibernation, a verity he passes along for public consideration during this season of “Up on the house top….” insanity.

Merry Holly!

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