Kickass and shoulder joint

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that in the keeper’s crowd if you do not have a joint replacement story you do not get a place at the omnipresent “organ and joint recital” table.

Phyllis, with one replacement hip experience while waiting for another, is in good standing. The keeper, however, with all of his original equipment, has only his story from 50 or so years ago when pain in his right shoulder drove him to seek medical relief. Doctors examined and Ex rayed and said surgery was required. The keeper was playing tennis at that point in his life, and one day while raising his arms to serve, he felt a strange sensation in his right shoulder, as if something had either let loose or found a new location.

From that precise point on, the shoulder pain subsided to the extent that surgery plans were cancelled and the keeper’s shoulder then withstood decades of abuse in fly-casting, nail driving and head scratching.

Recent professional assessment was that the keeper’s right shoulder is “something of a mess, but let’s see if it’s a tolerable situation before replacement is considered.”

Well, okay! The keeper is fine with that and wonders what ever happened to his tennis racket?

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