Kickass and signs in the autumn color

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes on the suggestion from the keeper and Phyllis that in driving the Wisconsin countryside now to enjoy the autumn color show, it is necessary to ignore the “warning labels” of absurdity as represented by the political signage in support of the coronavirus-contaminated commander in thief.

Given that Wisconsin is at a crisis level with the coronavirus—cases and deaths at an all time high and hospitals at near capacity, the signs in support of the diseased and befuddled POTUS carry an undeniable message of people having been so flim-flamed that their own self interest is no longer part of their thinking.

But enjoying the glory of the red and amber and yellow hills of the Wisconsin autumn should not be diminished by the rural signed admissions of those who were taken in by the ultimate con man.

Most of the colored leaves will be gone by Nov. 3 and so will the gang of incompetent narcissists in the White House.  The keeper says that is almost enough to make state residents look forward to the Wisconsin winter.









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