Kickass and sister’s birthday

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in wishing the keeper’s younger—by only 15 months, sister Norma a very happy birthday as she greets this day and every day with typical independence, alone in her Cherry Valley house with family nearby ready to celebrate with a 91-candle cake!

It cannot be!

The little sister who never ratted on the keeper for his flagrant country school transgressions and who appreciated the keeper’s misguided heroics in saving her from the attacking muskrat that was simply trying to cross the road, that innocent beautiful child cannot possibly be celebrating such a “nonagenarian” birthday.

There needs to be some number juggling here, some number transposition to make Norma 19 and the keeper 29. Unfortunately for their younger brother Orville such numerical hijinks would make him the oldest at 78.

No matter how the numbers are manipulated they demand recognition of Mom and Dad for some awesome genetic handoffs.

 And therein is your birthday present, Norma, to be shared, of course, with the keeper and “old” Orv.

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