Kickass and skin cancer

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports on the keeper’s minor brush with cancer as a couple of young VA dermatologists had at the back of his right hand with scalpels to excise a lesion that had suspect ambitions.

As cancer threats go, the keeper’s is not worthy of mention compared with many others, including Phyllis’s success with fighting off cervical cancer, with a 4-year assessment coming up shortly.

The cellular stampede of cancer has such devastating effects on so many lives that it’s mere mention strikes fear and foreboding.

Some of that went through the keeper’s mind as he watched Kristin and David—the surgeons cut a big hole in his skin and then very skillfully sew it back up using what they called a “purse” technique.

Before they sewed it shut there was an opening in the back of the keeper’s hand big enough to hold a quarter, and in retrospect if one had been inserted there before the stitching the keeper could have assumed the sensation of never being totally broke.

It was just a crazy thought, and the keeper did not even mention it to Phyllis.

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