Kickass and sleep on rainy Sunday

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s suggestion for giving special treatment to a rainy Sunday morning by cancelling all plans and going back to bed.

Short of not getting out of bed in the first place, returning there as soon as possible, perhaps with the coffee that topped off a big farmer breakfast, is unquestionably the best policy.

Should there be a TV set in the bedroom, do not turn the damn thing on; and store your telephone in a kitchen cupboard where you cannot hear it make whatever noise you have chosen in allowing your life to be pulverized by electronic nonsense.

Stay in bed on a rainy Sunday until you need to walk the dog or a family member pounds on the door to see if you have died, whichever comes first.

As this is written, the keeper will be heading back to bed, in part because he wants to follow his own advice and in part because Phyllis is still there.

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