Kickass and space telescope

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s enthusiasm for initial use of the James Webb space telescope allowing us to see 4.6 billion years into the past, is moderated by our utter failure to see even one minute into the future.

The fact that what we see in the night sky no longer exists due to light-years having erased what was once there, is a concept difficult to process, at least for the keeper who is partial to less esoteric matters, like how long it will take him to find a bathroom when the need arises.

Development of the Webb telescope with its astounding look into the distant past, is nice, but how about a device to indicate just what the hell the future role of truth is in what was once a functioning democracy.

Come on, scientists: get us a “decency detector” to let us see where the narcissistic, gerrymandered Repubs are going with the minority-representative, money driven government we are now forced to live with.

After more than four billion years, can’t we do better than knuckle-dragging males with misogynistic agendas!

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