Kickass and speaker of the house

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is in such a state of high concern over the Repub’s inability to select a speaker of the house that he has been driven to barroom poetry:


         Me thinks that we will never see

Speaker of the House fall from a tree.

         One who plainly has the guts.

To admit being just one of the nuts.

         There’s crazy candidates galore,

Crooks and fakers all over the floor.

         It’s not a job that makes any sense

It calls for someone dumb and dense.

         But somebody has to wield the gavel.

Or we watch the government unravel.

         Is there somewhere a woman or man

With the audacity to say, “I can! I can!”

         Step up, new speaker and do the jobs:

Of banging the gavel and dealing with slobs.

         The experience will certify you

As over-qualified to run a big zoo,

         A better position than the one you’re in,

Easier cage cleanup and more intelligent din.


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