Kickass and speaker of the house

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in trying to buoy up his confidence in the intelligent working of government by watching how the Repub reps go about selecting a speaker of the house, while the New York buffoon who reported his mother died twice and he himself walked on water to get into the congressional chambers, now sits there and watches his nose grow.

The speaker of the house fiasco belongs only on SNL , along with sessions of the Supine Court and hamburger deliveries to Mar a Lago.

If young people are to be recruited to prop up the wobbly democracy, can they take seriously the machinations of politicians who obviously do not give a rat’s ass about anything but their hold on power and the riches it provides for them?

On a personal level, the keeper is comfortable with Phyllis as speaker of the house since she makes good decisions and great soup.

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