Kickass and st. pat’s reminders

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper dives into St. Patrick’s week with the following reminders:

  1. It is the week of Phyllis’s birthday.
  2. It will snow on Thursday.
  3. Wisconsin’s minority rep. gov. is solidly in place.
  4. Rare sunshine is not a health hazard.
  5. The friendly black cat at the Bothman winery was born with a crippled leg and therefore does not know a life without limping.
  6. It is possible to use too much fennel in cooking fish.
  7. A new St. Vinny’s shirt is still a new shirt.
  8. Watching the kids go back and forth to the high school does not make you one of them.
  9. Time to drink a Guinness in memory of Tony Earl.
  10. Under the dirty snow there is green.

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