Kickass and staying inside

Kickass the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in participating in that major Wisconsin winter activity of staying inside and looking out the window, which reaches new heights of enjoyment when typical miserable weather conditions prevail, like they do now.

The storm that has been involving the entire country promises more opportunity to enjoy more staying-inside-and-looking-out for people everywhere, and the keeper passes along the following tips developed after long years of practice.

  1. Position furniture–recliner/couch with wide view of the outside.
  2. Pour a comforting drink of something warm and/or stimulating.
  3. Put on a little music, relaxing instrumentals or somebody singing Silent Night, or “Let it snow, let it snow……..”
  4. Position yourself in a semi-prone position, maybe with a
    “throw” covering your legs.
  5. Think briefly about the poor bastards who have to be outside today and remember being one of them.
  6. Count your lucky stars that you live in a place where for much of the year the weather is fit only to be observed through glass.
  7. Sing “On Wisconsin.”

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