Kickass and stock reporting

Kickass, the doorstop dog, watches alertly from his napping position as the keeper launches a campaign to do away with stock market reporting since he—the keeper, sees it as nothing more than offensive blather to millions of people who do not have a pot to………..

The minute by minute reporting of stock prices is like constantly poking a stick at the poor working stiffs and insulting them with the taunt: “I’m rich and you’re poor and isn’t that wonderful.”

The absurd preoccupation with keeping the stock market score is nothing more than flag waving for the inevitable the-rich-get-richer-and-the-poor-get-poorer underlying framework of the country’s warped economic structure.

So the keeper is suggesting a new economic indexing system that is to be broadcast everywhere at all times.  He is calling it the DAO for “Down And Out,” and it will keep track of personal bankruptcies, evictions, job losses, repossessions, utter despair, and eating less so the kids get more.  The DAO will be tabulated on an up to the minute basis by reporters in every last corner of the country.  At the outset, the DAO is trending upwards and a new high is anticipated.


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