Kickass and storage boxes

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that most people in the keeper and Phyllis’s crowd readily identify with storage boxes, having made recent moves to places like Vista West; and more than a few of those “movers” would be pleased to have the government insist on taking possession of those boxes on the grounds that storage is expensive and the truth is that the contents of the boxes is largely junk that is not worth unpacking.

There can, of course, be disagreement between couples regarding storage boxes, as in the keeper assigning inflated values to some of his boxes, while Phyllis is more inclined to head for St. Vinny’s with her boxes while encouraging the keeper to do likewise.

The keeper, however, points out to her that as part of his role in bringing both peace and permanent division to the Korean Peninsula he got a “secret” security clearance which means he cannot reveal precisely what is in his storage boxes without putting national security at risk.

Also, he can’t remember what is in some of the inadequately labeled boxes which makes them potentially very valuable.

Or maybe not.

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