Kickass and storing the extra hour

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is cooperating with the keeper as he—the keeper continues on his never-ending trek to “do good,” most recently by showing a confused populace how to safely store the hour that was gained Sunday when daylight savings time ended.

An hour can be stored in a bottle—say a brandy bottle, which allows the hour to be taken out periodically and savored during winter blizzards and ice storms.

An hour can be stored in a box, perhaps one that was the packaging for some totally useless on—line item—maybe an electric back-scratcher that seemed like a good idea at the time but has become a family joke.

Storing an hour in the freezer will prevent it from spoiling but risks the same kind of freezer burn incurred by the meatloaf placed in the freezer in the summer of 2019.

Putting an hour away in the garage near the lawnmower presents an opportunity to stand in front of it and wish to hell that it was July or you were in Arizona.

If an hour is stored in a closet, it should not be near picnic baskets or beer coolers lest opening the closet door becomes an occasion for sniffling, if not downright sobbing.

If it is at all possible, the extra hour should be preserved until next April when it can be used to make love, go fishing or to relax on the patio and toast the fact that you made it through another GD Wisconsin winter.

Kickass will be using the extra hour to nap, probably sometime in late January.

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