Kickass and storm recliner

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s insightful suggestion that in surviving the upcoming winter storm it is important to have appropriate equipment ready for the worst blizzard conditions, hence a careful check on the living room recliners used by Phyllis and the keeper to deal with the slipperiest ice, the deepest snow and a north wind that tears your face off.

Unlike those who must ready such winter equipment as snowblowers, plows, shovels, scrapers and salt spreaders, preparing a recliner for a winter storm is largely a matter of assuring that its location is in close proximity to hot food and cold drink, and perhaps a window view of bundled-up neighbors struggling to stay upright behind balky snowblowers.

The keeper’s age group has paid its winter dues with years of having to have been out there when it wasn’t fit for man or beast, and there is no apology about their current recliner storm prep. There is a smugness however: You poor freezing bastards be careful out there!

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