Kickass and Strom Thurmond

Kickass, the doorstop dog, observes that almost anything will set off the keeper’s reminiscing; and mention of the POTUS arriving at Green Bay’s Austin Straubel airport moved him—the keeper, to recall a Sen. Strom Thurmond press conference there shortly after 66-year-old lifelong racist Thurmond had married the 22-year-old former Miss South Carolina.

A handful of reporters met with Thurmond and his new wife Nancy in a motel room, and, apparently to demonstrate his vitality, Strom held up a pair of running shoes and said he ran every day.

A blatant racist and notorious Capital woman fondler, Thurmond fathered four children with Nancy and after his retirement from the Senate at 100-years-old, it was revealed that as a young man he had fathered a child with a 15-year-old black family maid.

There is a statue of Thurmond on the South Carolina campus, and many streets and buildings have been named in his “honor.”  He ran for president in 1948, and when he died in 2003 at 100, a eulogy was delivered by Joe Biden.

It is the keeper’s thought that in the bizarre yet undeniable flow of history–come next November, Biden will have an opportunity to deliver another eulogy–to the political life of a man who seems to have a lot in common with good ol’ Strom.

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