Kickass and stupidity tsunami

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that as the daily tsunami of stupidity roars in from the sea of official ignorance, it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid drowning in it.  There simply does not seem to be anything to grab onto in an attempt to buoy body and spirit.   Well, there is this: Several days ago, California became the first state to ban “sport” trapping.  Trapping wild creatures using incredibly cruel leg-hold traps is a remnant of the frontier philosophy that also enslaves the populace in an inane attitude toward guns.  But as day after day goes by in which grown people praise the fitness of a narcissistic leader who ridicules the handicapped, grabs women’s privates and shuns truth and science, there just has to be something to grab onto to stay afloat in the stupidity tsunami.  One state recognizing the evils and inhumanity of trapping is what is offered in that regard today.  (Trapping is big in Wisconsin and the rest of the country, and there are many places where—if you were out there, you could hear the agonized screams/squeals of creatures chewing off their own legs to gain freedom.)



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