Kickass and summer sounds

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis have a new appreciation for the summer sounds that come in through the screen door:

         *The non-stop chirping of sparrows.

         *The clang and bang of construction at the school across the street.

         *The laughter and shouting of children from the playground at Wexford.

         *The totally annoying jerk racing up Gammon with a vehicle so loud it generates thoughts of doing him personal harm.

         *An intense discussion by a murder of crows, suggesting perhaps, a problem with fledged teenagers.

         *The intermittent buzz of lawn grooming machinery.

         *The wail of  emergency vehicles, hopefully not making the turn toward Vista West.

         The beep-beep-beep of something backing up somewhere.

         The constant hiss and roar of distant traffic, causing the keeper to ask: where the hell is everybody going and will they ever get there?

         The sound of a summer shower would be nice.

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