Kickass and Sunday poem

Kickass, the doorstop dog, doesn’t always approve of the keeper’s poetry fits but he is powerless to stop them.


Today is the day,

For praying to stay

On the gods’ good side

Or they’ll take you away.

Faith for the believers,

Science for the rest.

Immaculate conceivers

Put to the test.

From a thousand pulpits they’ll say

The answer is to pray, pray, pray.

Ignoring that everything is set as god’s will

Apparently to kill-more-kids, kill, kill, kill!

Today’s a day of rest and feasts

To claim evolving beyond the beasts.

Gathering in great fancy places.

Beautified smiles and innocent faces.

Calling on the gods made by man

To save us from ourselves if they can.

But the world wobbles and it may be thus:

As Pogo might say, “It ain’t god, it’s us!”

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