Kickass and Sunday thoughts

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along a few of the keeper’s random Sunday morning thoughts:

*Driving out to Mazo for Mary Beth’s coffee and fresh beignets at “Basecamp”will get you doused in powdered sugar and save you a trip to New Orleans.

*Listening to a recent Hillary interview underscores the tragedy of not electing her over the narcissistic, divisive numbskull in 2016.

*Hearing of a friend’s (George Hesselberg) recent fall in a darkened parking lot, is a reminder to always use a walking stick and stay away from dark places.

*It is incredibly demoralizing to consider that for what is likely the rest of his life, the keeper will be represented in the US Senate by a man who approves of MAGA lies and favors denying women the right to regulate their own bodies.

*The cheese/garlic bread that Phyllis made in the new air fryer is really good, and the keeper will be having more of it right now!

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