Kickass and tech paralysis

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is afraid the keeper may either implode or explode as he transitions from PC to Apple, which is akin to moving from the cockpit of a bush plane into the control seat of a 747, at least as he sees it.  The keeper did not think his old computer was that outdated, but this is an age when everything becomes obsolete before it gets unwrapped.  And then there are the fads: the keeper wore bell-bottom trousers and leisure suits long after they rather quickly became objects of ridicule, and his were finally “stolen” from his closet by embarrassed family members.

The keeper’s attempt to avoid being spun off the 21’st Century merry-go-round as it rotates at warp speed, is due in part to his desire to avoid the dust of Phyllis’s computer dexterity.

What he—the keeper, should have done, of course, was forget the computer world and go back to reporters’ notebooks and pencils and stumbling around the streets trying to find a telephone booth.

But Phyllis says she will help him with his new iMac, and he likes the potential for more technological togetherness: he cannot tune the car radio or operate his cellphone without her.  

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