Kickass and telling time

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, undergoing a routine “insurance” exam was asked, among other things, to draw a clock face showing the time at 8:20.  The resulting diagram was satisfactory to examiner Rich, though he remarked that the big hand would have traveled off 8 and that was not shown in the keeper’s offering.

Among the take-aways from the exam is the fact that while the keeper can apparently still tell time he may be off by some portion of an hour.

Also, in the memory part of the exam, if you want the keeper to remember three words, the elapsed time should not be all that great.

In a post-exam suggestions note, Rich wrote “diet, and exercise and flu vaccine,” but said nothing about telling time or forgetting one of the three words.

The keeper would tell Rich that any portion of an hour is important to him only so long as he is around to enjoy it; and three-word clusters he never forgets because he says them to Phyllis often are, “What’s for dinner?” and, of course, “I love you.”

The time is 0:20!

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