Kickass and Thanksgiving flu

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will assist the keeper with his burden on this Thanksgiving Day of being thankful for what you’ve got, which in the keeper’s case is the flu.

In keeping with their policy of complete sharing, Phyllis passed the flu on to the keeper several days ago which made her recovered enough to nurse the keeper in his misery.

So in his light-headed, overall weakness and utter lack of motivation to do anything beyond tying his shoes, the keeper searches for the means of being thankful for the flu on Thanksgiving Day.

         One. It is not likely to be fatal.

         Two. His cellular mix might have processed him as a turkey.

         Three. Family members who might be at risk of forgetting what the keeper looks like as he misses the big Thanksgiving feasts should get out old photo albums, the older the better.

         Four. As soon as he feels up to it, the keeper will be rewarding Phyllis for her tender care by taking her out for a Thanksgiving hamburger, probably to Culvers.


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