Kickass and the 38th Parallel


Kickass, the doorstop dog, often has great difficulty helping the keeper maintain any semblance of normalcy, like now as he—the keeper, remembers and rants about his role in helping establish the demilitarized zone in Korea where the Orange One plans one of his narcissistic tap dances.  It was the mission of the keeper’s Infantry I and R platoon to help take the kinks out of the 38th parallel, and on a night patrol, a boy “enemy” soldier was captured.  As the keeper and a companion jeeped the prisoner back to headquarters there was time and opportunity to see the trembling, terrified “enemy” for what he was, a frightened child, really, who had been ordered to kill the keeper and his ilk and now was in great personal peril.  The keeper remembers a wave of sympathy, and an attempt to ease the prisoner’s fears with a touch and a smile.  It didn’t seem to have an effect.  Dumb, innocent kids, like the prisoner and the keeper died demilitarizing the place where the Orange narcissist talks about walking today.  He needs to do so respectfully. But he won’t.



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