Kickass and the accordion

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, recognizing today as the autumnal equinox with equal amounts of stupidity and intelligence, will be contacting the public high school across the street to offer to help with endowing an accordion chair in the new music department addition now under construction.

As a button–one-note-pulling-another-pushing–accordion player of long standing, the keeper is weary of the snobbish put-down of the accordion and wishes to help restore it to the respect it once knew back in the Lawrence Welk days.

In terms of the stupid/intelligence equinox, this move is at the top of the Intelligence list; and the keeper looks forward to hearing more campfire accordion music around more campfires as seasonal darkness descends. He will be playing for Phyllis who says she likes his rendition of “Waltzes with Bears.”

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