Kickass and the AK47

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that across the country on this late October day there are hundreds of thousands of people, mostly men, carrying guns for the purpose of killing something—birds, deer, elk, whatever is deemed to be fair game.  The gun carriers are out there for “sport hunting,” the last remnant of the necessity to be a successful hunter-gatherer or die.  Their guns are held as proud symbols of individual efforts to preserve the tribe, and they—the guns, are as much a part of the American scene as saluting the flag.

Now comes the spin-off absurdity: guns designed by the military specifically to kill people, are pushed onto witless consumers–including those with mental issues, by a self-interest gun industry and its narcissistic sycophants.  That this development is not seen by the hunters for the aberration that it is, guarantees that the eleven dead elderly Jews in Pittsburgh will simply be the most recent of hundreds yet to be ripped apart by AK 47 bullets at the hands of mad-men.

It will not solve the gun problem, but until a simple ban on assault type weapons is enacted, the core dilemma of living together amid the ragged detritus of obsolete evolutionary dictates will never be addressed; and school kids and old Jews will die like the birds and the deer and the elk targeted by the hunters out there today.


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