Kickass and the ambulance

Kickass the Doorstop DogKickass, the doorstop dog, joined the keeper in watching the blinking red lights of an ambulance make its pre dawn way through the village, headed for what: a traffic accident, a heart attack victim, a drug overdose? The Saturday morning wail of the siren sang a forlorn song to match the gray character of the emerging day, and the keeper wondered how many sleeping citizens were awakened by it. And then what did they do: go back to sleep, get up for early coffee, make love, lie awake and worry about something?
The quiet in the wake of the whining ambulance is a thought abyss into which anything can fall, a brief appreciation for not being the ambulance passenger, a curiosity as to who it might be, and a hope that it is someone on the way to medical repair in Madison.

Then it is all gone, and the day flexes its muscle and produces what promises to be an unseasonably warm sunny January 5, a Saturday, with time off from work and friends to see and fun things to do . The early morning ambulance may signal that life is uncertain, but isn’t it great!

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