Kickass and the April Fool

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be assisting the keeper today as he campaigns for the office of April Fool, which has been more or less vacant since 1492 when Columbus landed in America and said, “So nice to be here in India!”

Though there have been countless candidates for April Fool—with many persisting on into the present day, it is the keeper’s contention that he is uniquely qualified to hold the office by dint of living long enough to have done every damn fool thing it is possible to do, some of them twice.

That a strong April Fool holiday character—as in Santa or the Great Pumpkin has not yet evolved is an oversight of history and definitely needs correcting.

With Phyllis’s endorsement, the keeper throws his hat into the April Fool election ring, and he promises to see that every citizen has equal opportunity to be just as big a fool as the next guy. He calls it “trickle down dumbness” and he appreciates your vote!

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