Kickass and the April Fool

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in wondering why April Fool’s Day is not celebrated with a symbolic “April Fool” character in the manner of Santa Claus and Christmas, or the Easter Bunny and Easter.

Perhaps there are so many candidates for the “April Fool” position to make it impossible to select only one.

In the face of that, however, the keeper would like to suggest……

Oh, never mind. You know where he was going with that.

Maybe a better approach would be to name multiple area “April Fools,” like one in each ward or township. Their official duties would include speaking out–loudly, on subject matters they know very little about and giving advice to those who don’t really need it.

The keeper, having spent a journalistic lifetime demonstrating his abilities in this regard, hereby volunteers to be the April Fool for this day in 2023.

He is confident of having Phyllis’s support; and, quit frankly, some days that is all that matters.


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