Kickass and the Ariz Prius

Kickass, the doorstop dog, happened to be out in the keeper’s garage recently when he—the keeper demonstrated why you should always make sure the big door is open before you attempt to back out of the garage.  Only superficial damage was done and the keeper hastened to make the repairs before the word spread that he had done such a stupid thing.  Kickass, having the unique ability to communicate with all creatures and objects, talked to the keeper’s car—a large SUV with a drinking problem, and learned that the 4-Runner has been in an emotional state since a cute little red Prius from Arizona occupied the 2nd garage stall.

Kickass, using  his unique ability to communicate with all creatures and objects, talked with  the 4-Runner: “Jeez,” the 4-Runner told him, “She—the Prius, asks me about such things as snow and ice and skidding off the road and being stuck in a snowdrift, and when I tell her about blizzards and icy ruts and dirty snow slush she bursts into little hybrid tears and, well, I just feel awful and want to pat her on the hood and tell her it will be okay and that I will take care of her.”

This, of course, is the same thing that the keeper told Phyllis who came from Arizona along with the Prius.  Considering his interest in making good on that promise, it is a wonder the keeper doesn’t drive the 4-Runner through the laundry room door and park it in by the living-room fireplace.


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