Kickass and the bad driver

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has a question for the driver on Mineral Point Road who apparently disagreed with the reasonable interval the keeper was maintaining with the driver ahead of him and roared around the keeper to cut in front and fill in that safe interval space with a bumper-hugging position with the leading vehicle, requiring the keeper to brake sharply to avoid fender/bumper contact.

The question is simply—why?

Why would you endanger yourself and any number of other drivers and passengers to gain 20 feet or so in a flowing line of unbroken traffic that you are a part of, like it or not?

Phyllis can attest to the fact that the keeper has some suggestions for the “why” question in case you need help with your answer. He rehearsed some of those suggestions at the time you made your move, which were not pleasant things for Phyllis to hear, and the keeper apologizes to her.

You should too, as soon as you remove your head from its unnatural orifice storage.

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