Kickass and the balcony horse

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sympathizes with the keeper for having mismanaged the Vista West balcony where he and Phyllis reside by allowing it to be taken over by messy sparrows, and having evicted them, now experiences a sense of balcony loneliness.

One possible remedy was offered in a recent post from Jayne Holland that shows a horse on a balcony, an image that apparently gained some popularity some years ago.

The keeper does not have a horse, but he could certainly get one. It is his thinking at this point, however, to start with a balcony goat–smaller and not so finicky about food as a horse.

He will, of course, be talking it over with Phyllis, who seems reluctant to share the balcony with any kind of a creature except him.

He is one lucky “horse!”

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