Kickass and the baseball metaphor

Kickass, the doorstop dog, never one to pass up the use of a baseball metaphor, says the keeper got one down the middle and hit it out of the park, which translates to a surprise visitor brightening his day like, well, like a grand slam.

Life does that, no matter your age or your circumstance, which is the thing that   makes it worthwhile—this interplay with others and the off-speed pitches and curve balls they bring to the game.  If it were played in the Garden of Eden ballpark it might be like taking a big bite out of the serpent’s apple pitch and saying, “Damn, that was good!”

The obvious message—belaboring the baseball metaphor beyond all reason, is to know that ultimately you are going to strike out and end up back in the dugout, but in the meantime, high-five your teammates, kiss the umpire and wait to see what the hell the next inning brings.

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