Kickass and the bean harvest

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joined the keeper in watching the harvester move across the dark bean field like a huge lighted dinosaur.  It patrolled back and forth in its voracious mechanical grazing until it had covered the field; and in the light of morning it was gone and so were the beans.  So a little part of the annual effort to feed the Earth’s 7.7 billion people occurred in the night down in the small irregular field below the house.  It moved the keeper to wonder how long the planet has, and maybe more to the point, how long he has.  Nobody can know either of these things, of course.  But the keeper found in a cursory review that the Earth will eventually go lifeless for a variety of reasons, one of them may be when planets are ejected from the solar system by “violent relaxation.” Damn!  There it is!  The thing the keeper has been looking for in ignoring life expectancy stats and grabbing every day as if there may not be another.  Violent relaxation!  He will need it today as more than the usual supply of Earth’s greed and stupidity boil up like a doomsday Vesuvius.

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