Kickass and the bear hounds

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having “kin” in the game, joins the keeper in lambasting the outrage of Wisconsin being the only state that provides a summer “training” opportunity for bear hounds whereby hound owners from all over the country gang into northern Wisconsin and turn their hounds loose to chase bears–including sows with cubs as well as every other creature, and to invade grey wolf territories where pups are being raised.

So far in the summer of 2020, wolves defending their den and rendezvous sites have killed a half dozen hounds, for which the owners all qualify for $2500 payments from the state.  Think of that, “sports” fans! The keeper comments.  Not only does Wisconsin promote an incredibly cruel and naturally disruptive hound practice, it also rewards participants’ hound losses!

Preoccupied by their coronavirus travail, the keeper notes that Wisconsin residents tend to ignore the unbelievable circumstance in which the summer tranquility and harmony of their magnificent northern woods is subjected to outrageous disruption by unconscionable hounders and their hounds.

So while there are many positive areas where “Only in Wisconsin,” might be applied, the keeper suggests that inviting hounders from all over the US to practice their barbaric entertainment should not be one of them.

Kickass, being a bit less restrained, says, “For god’s sake, people, can’t something be done about this?  Does the bear hound lobby wield such power with the GOP- dominated, gerrymandered Wisconsin legislature that decency and compassion are subverted?”

The answer to that question is obvious and sad.

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