Kickass and the bear hounds


Kickass, the doorstop dog, would ask that every Wisconsin citizen take a selfie today and caption it with information that the person shown lives in the ONLY state that allows–“encourages” the obscene, inhuman practice of allowing bear hounds to roam the north woods in the summer for “training” purposes.  Let the caption also show that if wolves, in protecting their young, should kill one of the roaming hounds, the state will pay the hound owner $2500.   No license is required for this “sporting” activity, and it attracts bear hounders from across the country.  It goes on officially from July 1 to Aug. 3 in the depths of the Wisconsin’s magnificent national forests and it is a cultural blasphemy foisted on an indifferent citizenry by in-state and out-of-state promoters of unspeakable cruelty in the name of sport.  In viewing our selfies, we have to know that to do nothing about this is to show an image of someone who condones it and might as well be out there in the woods with the insensitive, outrageous hounders.

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