Kickass and the big Covid game

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in suggesting that those lamenting the absence of traditional sports activity due to the coronavirus, consider the race between the GOP sponsored Herd Stupidity (HS) team and the Mask-Up-Or-Die (MUOD) team as the only game in town.

With such dimwit cheerleaders as Giuliani produces, and star players including the POTUS and his flat-earth Senate minions, the Herd Stupidity team is cheered on by fans who sit backwards in the bleachers to avoid seeing the game.  The Mask-Up-Or-Die team fans, on the other hand, see a game victory as simply keeping themselves and grandma alive until there is a vaccine time-out.  The MUOD cheerleaders wear medical uniforms and their cheer routine includes weeping.

As sports fans will agree, stats are important, and show that in the Big Game, some 3,000 fans die every day of the coronavirus and total cases increase by more than 200,000, all of which generates intense cheering from the Herd Stupidity fans.

In the meantime, out in the parking lot, unemployed multitudes are scavenging for something to feed their hungry children as Political parking lot attendants ignore their plight and shout that the game has been fixed.

The keeper apologizes for getting into the “game” analogy, since the big game will be played all through the coming dark winter, and that is more “sports” entertainment than anyone should be subjected to.

“How about them Packers!”











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