Kickass and the big globe

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has no clear understanding of just how to juggle indifference and caring as he and Phyllis share the planetary ride with those who cause widespread death, starvation and limitless misery in the name of power, ethnicity, skin color, territory and religion.

Does viewing the unspeakable TV images of bleeding children and weeping parents amid the wreckage of their lives and doing nothing meaningful about it, does this mark the keeper and his ilk as not caring or even giving their tacit approval?

And what, beyond expressing dismay, is to be done as the keeper’s crowd exists in its comfortable military-industrial economy that sees itself as only “passing the ammunition?”

Reality sets in as it becomes apparent that technology, intelligence and greed will ultimately combine to destroy the Earth like a dropped egg.

In the meantime, the keeper will redo his self-image of sharing the big ball with the despicable, to one of being a louse on a big dog lying in front of the fireplace and hoping that Phyllis is crawling around somewhere nearby.

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