Kickass and the big murmuration

Kickass, the doorstop dog, naps as the keeper considers the constant interplay of people in the human tribe, and is amazed at the peculiar machinations as dictated by such things as death, divorce and decisions made out of desperation and dumbness.  He is even more amazed at the random nature of it all, and how that randomness illustrates how humans are as much a part of nature as the birds and the bees, and to think otherwise is nothing more than offensive narcissism.

The flow of people in and out of our lives, the keeper says, is remarkable on an individual level, and is totally incomprehensible on a collective level where it is as inexplicable, unpredictable and seemingly pointless as the murmurations of starlings.

The definition of murmuration, in addition to referencing incredibly synchronized bird flight, also includes “making a low and indistinct sound with moving lip but without production of articulate speech.” This would seem to more or less describe the current condition of the country as it tries to deal with the fall-out from the inexplicable decision it made four years ago in choosing a demented Tweety-bird to head up the big national murmuration.

At the end of a starling murmuration, the birds all disappear down into the swamp to roost for the night.  The keeper suggests a similar determination is likely in the ebb and flow of people in and out of human lives: It is back down into the swamp for the night, but tomorrow is another day!

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