Kickass and the birthday event

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is taking the day off because it is simply too nice to do anything except enjoy every second and not think about anything except how incredibly lucky you are to be a part of it, as intact as you will ever be and surrounded by the wonderful varied and fascinating characters in your life.

The keeper says there is an unbelievable flow and flux within the tribal mish-mash and if you try to step out of that in the interest of predictability and  staidness, you might as well get off the boat, no matter how long you have been on it.

This brings the keeper to the start of a day when family and friends will drop in to wish him well and to demonstrate the varied and fascinating characters in his life.  It is just a drop in—not a big deal party, and Kickass reminds anyone who happens to be in the Mazomanie area this afternoon—anytime, to be a part of it.  839 Brodhead St.  Do not be concerned about an expensive gift, the keeper says; you can see to that later, maybe mail it from the bank or the jewelry store.

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