Kickass and the blue moon

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joined the keeper and Phyllis in opting to ignore last night’s 2023 blue moon and wait for the one in 2037, when the keeper will be 106 and hopes to be less distracted in attending to the effects of global greediness.

It is the keeper’s thinking that if current greediness trends continue, by 2037 the planet’s riches will be concentrated in the hands of three people all named Koch, and everyone else will be dumpster diving to survive.

The keeper also knew that lots of photographers would be out last night capturing the 2023 blue moon, and among the offerings this morning was an outstanding one by Adam Kassulke that he posted from Kettle Moraine, and which the keeper audaciously appropriated for Kickass use. Thank you, Adam.

In preparing for the 2037 blue moon, the keeper plans to follow Adam’s style and mount his telescoped camera on a tripod. It is also possible that by then the keeper himself may need to be supported by a tripod. Phyllis will be the judge of that.

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