Kickass and the bobcat

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having indulged the keeper as he wallowed through his past with publication of his book “Treeson: an APOLOGIA to Trees,” understands his tenuous emotional state upon hearing the news of the bobcat stuck in a car grill up in Plover, the home territory of the keeper’s first newspaper job in Stevens Point.

The unlucky bobcat, trying to cross Highway 39, smashed through a car’s grill and became stuck there, requiring rescue by sheriff’s deputies and Conservation warden Byron Lockman.

Video captured the whole thing, and generated a great yearning in the keeper to have been there to see how it all went down. He would have accompanied warden Lockman to see the bobcat released back into the wild, and then he would have written a story like those in “Treeson” about chicken-killing dogs and traffic killed heifers and other fascination occurrences.

Like many in his age group, the keeper would like to do it all over again, and reminders of how wonderful it was somehow allow him to think he is still in the game, albeit riding the bench.

Bring on the bobcats!

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