Kickass and the Boston Tea Party

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes, along with the keeper, that on this day in 1773 American Patriots threw tea into the Boston harbor to protest “intolerable acts” by England.  It was one of the most successful protests in history, and the reminder of it inspired the keeper to suggest a similar activity to address the current problems with the “intolerable acts” now being performed by the gang of narcissists in Washington.  It is the keeper’s thinking that all members of the current administration, along with Mitch, be thrown into the Potomac River, not to be drowned but to make the point that they cannot walk on water, as their leader is prone to claim.  An earlier, more local version of the keeper’s plan, had Wisconsin residents dumping beer into Lake Michigan as a protest against beer tariffs, but the keeper realized the only way Wisconsin residents would dump beer into the lake would be to first run it through their kidneys.  This might pose a whole new set of problems, and would play into the Narcissistic Administration’s disdain for water pollution regs.  So it was abandoned, but just thinking about it made the keeper thirsty and he drank several bottles of Spotted Cow.


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