Kickass and the brain camera

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is in favor of the keeper’s program to replace body cameras with brain cameras as a means of quelling the current tribal unrest.  Initially, it was the keeper’s thinking to make it mandatory for everyone—not just the police, to wear body cameras.  But while this might provide useful information about identifying just who was doing what—shooting and looting for example, it would not provide meaningful data on just what the hell was going through the heads of all of those out there on the chaotic streets—the cops, the bottle throwers, the gun carriers, the gawking students, the opportunistic rabble-rousers, and the looters, maybe, especially the looters.  It would somehow seem to be useful to know just what kind of thought processes are involved in the individual actions of firing tear-gas canisters and rubber bullets at your neighbors’ kids or running out of smashed stores with stolen merchandise or wielding weapons designed specifically to kill people.

Ergo the brain camera. While the keeper has serious tech handicaps, he is confident that the development of a brain camera would be a piece of cake for the geeky crowd, and inserting it into the brains of the populace would be as simple as collaring up dogs.

Just what to do with the brain camera’s exposed thinking and its potential for revealing such things as racism, narcissism, sadism, vengence and greed is another matter.  The keeper hands off to…………

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